Roadside Assistance - Gabrovo

Repatriation of crashed and damaged vehicles

Road assistance - Gabrovo

putna-pomosht.jpgWelcome to Roadside Assistance - c. Gabrovo. The company has a license to clock roadside assistance and operates in the region of Gabrovo, Sevlievo and the country. Also disposes of used parts and buys cars for scrap. For more information, please see the variety of parts and cars at our disposal.

Contact or request a particular part of junkyards, please call 0879 589 989 - Plamen Velinov (auto charge)

If you need roadside assistance, please call phone 0879 278 666

Inquiries for auto parts, buying a car, catalysts and everything else that is not related to the "Roadside Assistance" are not accepted !!!

Company's Roadside Assistance Gabrovo - 24 hours 7 days a week. Bank pricing is based on the distance in kilometers from junkyards to the scene. For information on cost of service Roadside assistance for Gabrovo, please contact us or call by phone: 0897 843 120 - Ventsislav Iliev